EnerSol Technologies, Inc.

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History and Projects

EnerSol's History

EnerSol is a privately-held turnkey supplier of waste-to-energy (“WTE”) systems designed to profitably convert various types of organic and inorganic waste (e.g. household, medical, industrial, biomass, municipal, petroleum coke) into energy in the form of cleaner fuels and electricity.  The Company’s technology is based upon an innovative, plasma-based approach that was originally developed as a part of Vanguard Research Inc. and spun out via a management buyout to the current executive team when EnerSol was founded in 2003.

The technology development has been funded through various contracts (nearly $40 million in total) from the U.S. Department of Defense and commercial entities and verified through extensive operational testing.

Some of the highlights of Enersol’s projects and significant milestones include:


EnerSol History