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Accolades for EnerSol, PEPS®, and PEGS®

Clients and Others Comment on EnerSol's Systems and People

  • U.S. Army Client "..the system has clearly demonstrated its ability to destroy highly toxic waste. The system has met all of the contract requirements and successfully passed all of the tests conducted by the Government."

  • National Defense Center for Environmental Excellence (NDCEE)  "Mobile PEPS® Validated for DoD Waste Treatment"

  • Independent ASME/DOE Peer Review Panel
    • The PEPS® process "...is a robust technology with aggressive chemical reactions capable of handling a broad range of organic and inorganic wastes"
    • The PEPS® process "...appears to be superior with respect to other alternatives for the treatment of organic-containing mixed waste, particularly in the areas of: 1) volume reduction efficiency; and 2) stabilization of the resulting waste forms."
    • The PEPS® process "...has been demonstrated at an appropriate scale, and is ready for commercial deployment for...nonradioactive hazardous wastes."
    • The PEPS® systems "...addressed manufacturing, environmental, and operational issues using standard engineering practices."

  • U.S. Government Client  EnerSol "...was exceptionally qualified and showed the qualities and capabilities of a much larger contractor."   "...highly recommend that this contractor be used...in the future."

  • Independent Evaluator #1 The Mobile PEPS® "...is a viable, robust process for effectively treating a wide variety of highly variable waste streams."

  • Independent Evaluator #2 The Mobile PEPS® "...can be considered a viable option for the on-site treatment of...waste materials."

  • DOE Technology Reviewer #1 EnerSol personnel "...have a high level of expertise in the area."

  • DOE Technology Reviewer #2 EnerSol personnel "...obviously are knowledgeable in the area".

    • “Over a two-year period, Covanta reviewed over 200 advanced thermal conversion technologies around the globe before deciding to work with EnerSol based upon their novel application of commercially-proven technology platforms….. EnerSol’s innovative approach overcomes the technological barriers to commercial implementation of plasma-based gasification.”
    • “After reviewing several technologies, lnova selected EnerSol's Plasma Energy Gasification System (PEGS®) due to its ability to handle a variety of waste generated by Inova: Municipal Solid Waste, Regulated Medical Waste and Hazardous Waste.  Inova selected the PEGS® solution offered by EnerSol after an exhaustive study and review by a highly competent technical committee.”
    • “We are very excited to be working with EnerSol Technologies, Inc. to provide the PEGS® facility equipment, and showcase the technology as “next generation alternative to incineration.”