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Technology Applications

What Our Technology Can Do

Plasma systems can be used as a heat source to enhance a variety of processes. EnerSol focuses on the following three main applications of this technology:

Our Applications

Waste Destruction

Plasma-heated PEPS® (Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System) units can destroy wastes far better than other high-temperature systems, such as incinerators.   Under U.S. Army programs, EnerSol has demonstrated the performance of both Fixed PEPS® and Mobile PEPS® units on a commercial scale.


The conversion of feedstocks such as municipal solid waste (MSW) or household trash and other forms of biomass into high-quality synthesis gas (syngas) can be enhanced through the addition of plasma energy.   The syngas product can be used to produce electricity, synthetic gasoline and diesel fuels, ethanol, hydrogen, or chemicals.

See our PEGS® (Plasma Enhanced Gasification System) page for more information.


Plasma heating is ideally suited to converting difficult-to-handle metals and other inorganic materials into benign, non-leaching glassy slag.   EnerSol has proven the efficacy of such vitrification by processing contaminated concrete in the Mobile PEPS®.   The resulting glassy slag passed all applicable environmental testing and was judged safe.

A Sample of Slag from PEPS®