EnerSol PEPS® and PEGS™ Systems Overview

About Our PEPS® and PEGS™ Systems

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EnerSol Systems Overview

EnerSol offers turnkey systems using patented process designs for the destruction of problematic waste streams (PEPS®), for the conversion of feedstock to syngas (PEGS™), and for the vitrification of problematic inorganic waste streams.

Waste Destruction Systems

Systems based on EnerSol's proven PEPS® (Plasma Energy Pyrolysis System) technology are designed for the complete and economical destruction of wastes.   The Fixed PEPS® provides a stationary means of destruction of waste while the Mobile PEPS® can be transported to the hazardous waste generator’s site to provide local, on-site waste destruction.

Gasification Systems

The unique EnerSol Plasma Enhanced Gasification System (PEGS™) has the flexibility to convert a wide variety of feedstocks into high-quality syngas, which can be further processed to produce valuable and beneficial products.

EnerSol Vitrification Systems

Plasma-driven waste melting and vitrification systems convert wastes into non-leaching inert slag.   These vitrification systems may be augmented by including a metals separation and recovery option.

System Operations

EnerSol has over 10 years experience in industrial scale system operations with a wide variety of feedstocks, including Regulated Medical Waste, Blast Media, and Petroleum Coke, to name a few.