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Strategic Partnerships

Strategic Partnerships

EnerSol’s philosophy on strategic partnerships is focused on three areas that translate into direct benefits to our customers by providing a better solution at a competitive price.   The three focus areas are as follows:

Strategic Business Relationships

We enter into strategic relationships with reputable partners that are project based and/or location based.   Such partners add value to our customers by bringing local expertise in market intelligence, business culture, Government relations and financing to expedite project implementation.

In certain instances, EnerSol will also establish a local partnership with an experienced entity to offer long-term Operations and Maintenance contracts for systems supplied by Enersol or long-term technical consultation and troubleshooting assistance to assure smooth operations of our systems.

In India, EnerSol has formed a Joint Venture partnership with Alchemy EnerSol International, Pvt. Ltd.   who is EnerSol’s exclusive agent for marketing and business development activities in India.   Alchemy will also manage the engineering, design, procurement and installation of equipment components that will be sourced in India.   When necessary, Alchemy will also facilitate project development through Public Private Partnerships; project financing assistance through Central and State Government resources and international institutions; and project equity.

For more information of the capabilities of Alchemy, please visit Alchemy EnerSol International:

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Complementary Technology

Greenleaf Waste Solutions, LLC has issued a Purchase Order to EnerSol for the first commercial industrial waste to energy PEGS unit to be located near Houston, Texas. The unit will have a total capacity of 50 Tons/day and will be implemented in two stages of 25 Tons/day each. Following successful commissioning of the first unit. Greenleaf and EnerSol intend to establish a strategic partnership in the USA EPA Region 6 territory whereby, Greenleaf will be the exclusive licensor of EnerSol's technology and systems for industrial waste destruction applications.

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Reliable Supply Chain

Over the past several decades of experience in the design, and operation of systems, EnerSol has developed long-standing relationships with industrial fabricators, equipment suppliers and contractors. These entities are spread over the United States and we have multiple sources for the various subsystems that are part of the turnkey supply scope of EnerSol. We have pre-qualified a list of companies that have excellent design and fabrication capabilities. Their industrial experience and knowledge in heavy equipment fabrication, including ASME code certification, is key to delivering high-quality subsystems and components for our customers. Our long-term relationships also allow us to offer the latest designs and product improvements developed by our supply chain of vendors.