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EnerSol PEGS® Gasification Systems

PEGS® Gasification Systems

Plasma Enhanced Gasification Systems (PEGS®) from EnerSol provide the flexibility to convert a wide variety of feedstocks into valuable and beneficial products.   At the core of the PEGS® technology is the plasma-enhanced gasifier.   EnerSol's innovations in this technology involve targeted application of judicious amounts of plasma energy to enhance the gasification reactions, efficiently producing high-quality syngas from low-quality feedstocks.


EnerSol's PEGS® systems can accept multiple feedstocks including waste materials (municipal solid waste, industrial wastes, etc.), renewable materials (energy crops, biomass wastes), or fossil fuels and residues (coal, petroleum coke).   Essentially any carbon-containing feedstock can be gasified to produce high-quality syngas. 

Syngas generated in the PEGS® unit is conditioned to meet the requirements of the downstream system (i.e., temperature, pressure, and cleaning requirements.)   Using off-the-shelf technology, the conditioned syngas is then converted to end products such as electricity, liquid fuels (ethanol, synthetic gasoline or diesel), hydrogen, or a wide variety of chemicals.

PEGS® Applications