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Mobile PEPS® Systems for Waste Destruction

Road Mobile PEPS® Unit

The Mobile PEPS® is capable of processing 3-5 tons per day (TPD) of waste feedstock and is a complete, stand-alone waste processing system mounted on six standard 48' commercial trailers.   The system is robust and can be safely transported on interstate highways and secondary roads to military and commercial sites or can be readily adapted for railroad transportation.

If needed, it can be configured to take advantage of local utilities, such as power and steam. 

Mobile PEPS® Unit

Key Benefits

  • Self-contained for remote operations
    • Redundant onboard power sources
    • Closed-loop cooling
  • Capacity of 3-5 tons per day
  • Quick setup and teardown - minumum operating labor
  • Fully automated failsafe design with closed-circuit monitoring
  • Multiple waste feed capability
    • Packaged and bulk solids
    • Pumpable liquids
    • Sludges and slurries