EnerSol's Fixed PEPS® Plasma Waste Destruction Systems

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Fixed PEPS® Systems for Waste Destruction

Fixed PEPS® Unit

The Fixed PEPS® is designed, configured and constructed, using a series of stand-alone subsystems, to process specific wastes or feedstocks.   The modular configuration allows the Fixed PEPS® to be upgraded or reconfigured as needed.

If required, the unit can be configured as a Transportable PEPS® .   All equipment can be skid mounted, providing a system which can be periodically relocated from site to site.   If frequent movement of the waste destruction system is required, a Mobile PEPS® may be more suitable.

Fixed PEPS® Unit

Key Benefits

  • Not incineration - controlled gasification at ~ 3000°F
  • No presorting - can process, bulk, packaged and drummed material
  • Complete destruction of hazardous constituents, DRE > 99.99999%
  • Organics in waste are converted into syngas
  • Inorganics in waste are melted into a benign, glassy slag
  • Pollutants in air and waste water emissions far below EPA limits
  • Energy & by-product recovery options (Hydrogen, Liquid Fuels)
  • Available in 10, 25, 50 & 100 ton per day (TPD) capacities