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Custom Design and Technology Validation

Design Services

EnerSol has leveraged its broad experience in the design and operation of specialized systems to provide services to others for third-party technologies.   EnerSol can perform alternatives studies and feasibility studies, or provide custom design, construction supervision, operational testing and technology validation services.

Validating Technology: A Pilot Project in Houston

EnerSol personnel recently provided such services for Global GTLF Ltd., an Israeli company interested in commercializing a novel, non-plasma based technology.   The proprietary patented chemistry which converts CO2 to syngas using a zinc-based process had been tested in a laboratory, but had not been scaled up for industrial application.   EnerSol performed process modeling and economic analysis, and then custom designed a one-of-a-kind Pilot Plant for validation of the technology.   EnerSol provided environmental permitting support, procured the equipment, installed it at an NRG power plant site in Houston Texas, hired and trained operators, and led the testing effort to validate the new technology.

Following successful testing of the Pilot Plant, Global GTLF and EnerSol intend to scale up the unit and build a plant to produce 100 MT/day of methanol from the syngas generated from converting CO2 produced by power plants and other sources.