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Our Technology

How it Works

EnerSol's core technologies apply the intense heat provided by a plasma torch and high temperatures (usually > 2000°F) to cleanly and efficiently convert opportunity feedstocks to synthesis gas (syngas) and non-leaching slag.

Through the novel EnerSol plasma-enhanced PEPS® and PEGS® technologies, a variety of problematic, toxic, renewable, and/or opportunity feed materials can be processed.   Our PEPS® technology focuses primarily on the destruction of wastes; electricity can be produced from the syngas product.   The PEGS® technology is optimized for the production of high-quality syngas which can be converted into a variety of products including electric power, ultra-low sulfur synthetic liquid fuels (Clean Fuels), hydrogen, and chemicals through the use of commercially available downstream processes.   (See our FAQ's section for more information.)

Our technology can be used for the following major Applications:

  • Waste destruction by completely destroying or rendering inert hazardous components in wastes. (PEPS®)

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  • Gasification of opportunity feedstocks to produce energy, liquid fuels, chemicals, etc. (PEGS®)

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  • Vitrification which converts metals and other difficult-to-handle inorganic materials, including radioactive low level mixed wastes (LLMW), into benign, non-leachable, glassy slag.

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