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Our Services and Capabilities

What We Provide

Engineering Capabilities

EnerSol offers a full range of services, from economic and feasibility analyses through engineering design, fabrication, assembly, permitting, operation and maintenance of turnkey systems.   Our systems are tailored to meet our customer’s needs.  In addition, we also provide custom design and EPC services for pilot plant design, technology validation, and scale-up for third-party technologies.

Feasibility Studies and Economic Value Analysis

The economic feasibility of a project is determined using our proprietary mass and energy balance model to provide inputs for our Economic Value Model.   The results of the Economic Value Model determine capital and operating costs as well as revenue from products and energy recovery options, if applicable.   Projects are then configured to maximize the economic return to our customers.

Process Design and Analysis

Based on customer requirements, conceptual designs are created for customer approval.  Preliminary and detailed design follow, with continued interaction with the customer.   System sizing, utility requirements, syngas/byproduct and energy output are estimated based on the composition and physical characteristics of the specific waste streams or feedstocks.   Our systems approach to design follows industry practices such as HAZOP reviews to develop a fail-safe system with built-in redundancies in control elements and instrumentation where necessary. 

Fabrication and Procurement

Using the detailed design package, we develop sub-system and component specifications that address process and site-specific requirements, and that meet the best industry standards including applicable ASME, NEC, OSHA and NFPA codes.   These specifications are used to ensure the integrity of the fabricated and procured equipment.

Installation and Assembly

Our experienced construction managers plan, coordinate and oversee the work of subcontractors – mechanical, electrical, riggers, HVAC and civil – to ensure seamless onsite work.   We also provide engineering change order management and configuration control to keep the project on track while documenting “on-the-spot” changes.

Site and Environmental Permits

When requested by customers, we provide site permit support including liaison with local state and/or country agencies.  We work with licensed and approved Architecture and Engineering firms as needed to prepare, submit and obtain structural, mechanical, electrical and civil permits.

Operation and Maintenance Training

Enersol provides comprehensive documentation, drawings, and operations and maintenance manuals with each of our systems.  We also provide classroom and “hands on” training of client personnel in standard operating and maintenance procedures, quality assurance, environmental compliance and safety protocols.

Custom Design

We can custom design, erect, and test/operate a pilot plant to validate a variety of technologies, as we recently did in Houston, Texas for an international customer.